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October 2014’s Month on the Air by G3MGQ

Phil, G3MGQ has sent through his latest edition of  ‘Month on the Air’ which contains interesting and sometimes, avoidable, DX contest stations operating throughout October.  Go and download your .doc copy of Month on the Air and keep it close to hand near your station!

RSGB Contests for November 2014

RSGB CONTESTS in November 2014

Saturday – Sunday  1st – 2nd November 2014  144MHz Marconi Contest 1400 – 1400 UTC
Tuesday  4th November 2014  144MHz UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC
Saturday  8th November 2014  Club Calls Contest (1.8MHz AFS) (SSB) 2000 – 2300 UTC
Tuesday  11th November 2014  432MHz UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC
Wednesday  12th November 2014 80m Club Sprint Contest (SSB) 2000 – 2100 UTC
Saturday – Sunday  15th – 16th November 2014  2nd 1.8MHz Contest (CW) 2100 – 0100 UTC
Tuesday  18th November 2014  1.3GHz UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC
Tuesday  25th November 2014  50MHz UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC
Tuesday  25th November 2014  SHF UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC
Thursday  27th November 2014 80m Club Sprint Contest (CW) 2000 – 2100 UTC

Compiled by by Quin G3WRR & John G3XDY.

RSGB Contests for October 2014

RSGB CONTESTS in October 2014

Saturday  4th October 2014  1.2/2.3GHz Trophy Contest 1400 – 2200 UTC
Saturday – Sunday  4th – 5th October 2014  October 432MHz – 248GHz Contest 1400 – 1400 UTC
Sunday  5th October 2014  21/28MHz Contest (CW, SSB & mixed) 0700 – 1900 UTC
Tuesday  7th October 2014  144MHz UK Activity Contest  1900 – 2130 UTC
Wednesday  8th October 2014  80m Club Sprint Contest (CW) 1900 – 2000 UTC
Tuesday  14th October 2014  432MHz UK Activity Contest  1900 – 2130 UTC
Sunday  19th October 2014  50MHz AFS Contest 0900 – 1300 UTC
Tuesday  21st October 2014  1.3GHz UK Activity Contest  1900 – 2130 UTC
Thursday  23rd October 2014 80m Club Sprint Contest (SSB) 1900 – 2000 UTC
Tuesday  28th October 2014  50MHz UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC *
Tuesday  28th October 2014  SHF UK Activity Contest  2000 – 2230 UTC *

* Please note that the UTC times for the 50MHz & SHF UKACs are an hour later than for the other October UKACs. This is to ensure that, despite the clocks going back, the UKACs take place at a consistent clock time throughout the year.

Compiled by Quin G3WRR & John G3XDY.

WRC-15 Responses Published

Ofcom have just released the consultation document on the UK preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) with the RSGB and AMSAT-UK providing responses to the consultation.

The three documents are all available in PDF format as follows:

Ofcom’s document – the UK preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15).

RSGB’s joint responses.

AMSAT-UK’s responses.


Don Beattie (G3BJ) elected IARU Region 1 President

iaru_region_1_logoEarlier this week, RSGB delegates and National societies from 45 countries covering Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Africa sent representatives to agree and co-ordinate the future of amateur radio at the 23rd International Amateur Radio Union General Conference in Bulgaria.

A number of topics were covered at the conference which is of concern to UK radio amateurs who wish to protect the AR spectrum as well as address the declining number of active amateur radio enthusiasts.

Among the many items which were discussed, a review of the work of a number of permanent Committees including Working Groups and Co-ordinators, including EMC, Political Relations, Emergency Communications, Youth programmes, ARDF, Development of Amateur Radio in developing countries (STARS Working Group), Spectrum development and protection via ITU, CEPT & the World Radiocommunication Conferences (External Relations Committee), Intruder Watch, Space and High Speed Telegraphy, was covered.

don-beattie-gb3jDon Beattie (G3BJ) previously G3OZF is an active radio amateur based in Essex. Don was a member of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) and later, made an Honorary Member. He was featured several times in the Chelmsford press and was actively promoting amateur radio.

Don has held past appointments as President of the Radio Society of Great Britain and as President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He also has held a seat on the Board of Investors in People UK.

Find out more about the 23rd International Amateur Radio Union General Conference which took place this week.

Live Amateur Radio Demo at the Taplin Centre a success

Wednesday the 24th December saw the club open its doors at 7pm for its monthly meet at the Taplin Centre where a live amateur radio demonstration was given with hands-on experience to visitors who are considering taking their amateur radio licence at the entry “Foundation” level.

As usual, visitors were given a warm welcome to the club and members gave those present insights into the hobby with live radio transmitting experience through Jakey’s TenTec radio transmitter which sent its signals through the recently upgraded dipole antenna situated in the Taplin Centre’s gardens.

The ever-cheerful Jakey (G3JKY) is a long-time member of the Hastings Electronics and Radio club and is a strong advocate of Morse code. It wasn’t long before he made a contact in Spain and shortly after, followed this with succession of contacts in several other European countries.

Phil (G3MGQ) made an announcement regarding the important forthcoming changes which the regulatory body, Ofcom, will be making to the terms of the amateur radio licence in the coming months. One of the exciting changes being made is that amateur radio enthusiasts will have access to a new 5 MHz band.

Phil iterated the importance of amateurs signing the regulatory document to convey the importance of these changes to Ofcom and it is HIGHLY recommended that ALL amateurs download, read and ‘sign’ the proposal. This is to ensure that Ofcom sees amateur radio licencees as being interested in the AR spectrum and will help to ensure that the community is both heard and understood. Amateurs are also encouraged to offer their comments in the consultation form, but this is completely optional. The correct form to use can be found here and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

With Phil’s announcement made, later in the evening members used a selection of radio equipment at the club and assisted visitors with their questions while providing an amateurs-eye view of the hobby. It is encouraging to see a trend of increased interest from the general public. The clubs dedicated committee and members are working hard to foster a new generation of young and older licencees who will enjoy the hobby with around 3 million other amateur enthusiasts World-Wide.

Clifton Country Club Net Sunday 19th October 2014

Whatho Gang!

Next month sees the first on the new season of Clifton Country Club Nets, which are scheduled to start on Sunday 19th October at 1400 hrs GMT.

The original plan was that the memsahib and I were going to return in time for the net after two weeks cycling in the Drakensberg Mountains (ZS-land). However, due the situation further north in the African continent we have postponed the trip and rescheduled our autumn vacation to one of a nautical nature.

We will still be able to cycle, but at ports along coasts of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea instead.

As we will be embarking at Dover we will take our portable QRP station with us, we hope to gain permission from the Master of the vessel  to operate ‘maritime mobile’.

If  given permission we again will be operating from the open deck, this means waiting for a few days before we reach calmer and warmer climes as we travel south. Once the operating conditions are known I will circulate  times and frequencies (e-mail via imarsat).

It will be our intention to call on the hour in CW on or near one of the following 14.058; 18.085; 21.058; 24.908 & 28.058 and when conditions allow in SSB at 30mins past the hour on  21.285; 24.950, or 28.365.   As ever the best laid plans etc…………

The extended duration of our voyage will mean that I will not be available for the Clifton Country Club Net on 19th October. However, Brian (G3OYU) has kindly offered to ‘sit in the chair’

Over the past few weeks there has been a slight improvement in conditions on 80m, such that on some days ‘inter G’ nets can be heard around 1500 hrs GMT. However, 40m still seems more generally reliable.

Brian is now custodian of the CC Net e-mail address list and he will circulate any changes in the sked details, bearing in mind the net is a month hence, in which time propagation on 80m can improve.

But unless you hear further from Brian, the Clifton CC net will at 1400hrs GMT on Sunday 19th October on or near 7.125 Mhz.

Hopefully catch you on the wireless whilst “Maritime Mobile”

73 es 88s de Tony es Suzanne.

Change of callsign for MB7VS Digipeater and Echolink upgrade

Some good news and a change for MB7VS, the APRS Digipeater run by RILGES over in Eastbourne.

Dave Williams has said that there will be a call-sign change for the Digipeater from MB7VS to MB7UVS in due course. When this will happen most likely depends on how quickly Ofcom can turn it around more than anything else so this may happen soon as the call-sign change was mentioned about a month ago following the NoV submission for the upgrade below.

The good news that will please Echolink users is that Dave (G8PUO) has made a submission for full Internet access to the NoV licence of MB7VS and further extends the availability of Echolink to amateurs and builds on the success and breadth of the seemingly ever-growing and most welcome list of RILGES repeaters in the South East.

GB3ES Still Offline as of 24th September 2014

Hastings local repeaters have been working well of late with GB3HE 70cm being used by local amateurs and those further afield. Sadly it seems the local 2m repeater is still offline as states with no word from the keeper as yet regarding bringing it back online. 2m users can thank Dave Williams (G8PUO) at RILGES for continuing to put repeaters in place which have superb coverage even in GB3HE’s initial working state, but are also popular locally and we shouldn’t forget that the RILGES 2m repeater is available as always.

While GB3ES has been offline since July 3rd due to it locking up on TX we remain hopeful that at some point in the future that the repeater returns to an active state as it was indicated last year that the keeper of the repeater had a new technical team planned ready to put in place along with the possibility of a new site for GB3ES.

Fingers crossed that we hear something positive soon.

Please note that this information is correct at the time of writing as shown at the top of the post. For the current status please visit the GB3ES repeater page.

Perseverance DX Group announces Chesterfield Islands 2015 DXpedition (OC-176)

perseverance-dx-group-chestfieldThe Perseverance DX Group ( is pleased to announce their intention to conduct a DX-pedition to the Chesterfield islands, currently the 25th most wanted on Clublog.

Initial planning has begun for an expedition later in 2015.

The expedition yacht Evohe from Dunedin, New Zealand will provide the transportation to the island. Subject to licensing and landing permit formalities, it is expected a team of up to 12 operators will be on the island for up to 12 days. The team will sail from Noumea, New Caledonia.

Team members, who have committed, to date, include: Pista HA5AO, Les W2LK, Heye DJ9RR, Norbert DJ7JC, Mike WA6O and Gene. Additional team members will be added throughout the planning phase.

Our website is under construction. Watch the usual DX sources for information. We expect to announce additional details in January, 2015.

Please direct questions to Gene K5GS or Pista HA5AO at their e-mail address listed on

G3MGQ’s Month on the Air

Prepared by the clubs RSGB trainer, G3MGQ, you will find the latest DX contests including the ones to shoot for as well as ones to give a wide berth. Why not download the latest edition of Month on the Air and enjoy your DX just that little bit more.

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GB7HE 70cm DStar in Hastings - Coming soon
GB3ZX 70cm in Eastbourne - Low Power
GB3JT 23cm ATV in Hastings - NoV cleared
GB7RY 70cm X-Wires Repeater Rye - Active
GB7ES Eastbourne - DSTAR Rpt. - Active
GB3ES 2m in Hastings - Active

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