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G3MGQ’s Month on the Air – January 2016

Phil, G3MGQ has sent through his ‘Month on the Air’ for January 2016 which contains lots of DX information including the big contests to look out for and those to possibly avoid! Enjoy January’s edition of Month on the Air.

RILGES Update – Hastings repeaters GB7HE GB3HE GB3JT MB7UE

Dave G8PUO from RILGES/EREC sends through this exciting update about the enhancements and future of the Hastings repeaters.

RILGES Update – Hastings repeaters GB7HE GB3HE GB3JT MB7UE

Thanks to a super RILGES working party, a lot of work and humping up the tower was completed on site today.  A summary is listed below.

The new DSTAR GB7HE repeater, controller and antenna/mast was installed, together with a temporary GB3HE repeater back on the narrow frequency split (existing GB3HE taken away for reprogramming and alignment).  New cavities/filters were also fitted to allow co-located 70cm repeaters on the site. Both repeaters appear to be operating well.  Reports welcomed please.

MB7UE new APRS system was installed. 

GB3JT new DATV repeater heliax cable and angled slot antenna taken to site but due to high winds we will have to install on another visit,

A new larger rack cabinet was installed to mount the various FM, DSTAR, APRS and DATV equipment.

Wireless link to be installed hopefully over next week, so we have internet access on site.  

Many thanks to Jamie M0JBR, James G7VAE, Malcolm G3TCG, Dan M0HOW, Paul M0LRE, Louis M0LPW and Paul M6PWD (catering) for assisting on site today. Good work chaps.  Thanks also to Don G4TKR, John G7UBF, Vince M1AKL and Martin M0ROK,

Thank you to Ark Helenswood Academy for their generosity in providing us excellent facilities for our community Amateur Radio repeaters.

We would like to wish all repeater group members and users a great Christmas and happy New Year.  

All membership renewals and donations much appreciated as we need  to pay for this equipment.

Below: Antennas, Repeater cabinet (work in progress). Filters in repeater, bottom and side panels.
rilges-repeaters1 rilges-repeaters2 rilges-repeaters3

Clifton Country Club Net Sunday 13th December 2015

Clifton Country Club Net Sunday 13th December 2015

It was a gloomy damp day, ideal for spending some time on the radio. During the previous days the lower bands (40m and 80m) had been fairly turbulent with little or no inter-G day time propagation, more so on 80m.

Following November’s successful pre-net sked on 60m, before moving to 40m I suggested a similar schedule for December.

At 2.30pm Peter (G3PJB) responded to my call on 5.355 Mhz. Conditions on 60m were such that reports were 59 both ways. We did note a stream of data about 3Khz HF. This comfortable situation of almost armchair copy was not to be found when we later moved to 40m.Whilst resident on 60m, we were asked by station (no call given) to QSY as we were causing problems with a JST 65 transmission (?).

Peter and I discussed this and deduced that this station presumable from the Netherlands was the ‘originator’ of this warbling on 5.360. Interestingly the Dutch amateur fraternity had only recently gained access to 60m, their allocation being continuous from 5.350 to 5.450 MHz.

Not wishing to cause any further annoyance and as it nearly time for the ‘official’ net we decided to move to 40m.  Not before ‘marking the card’ of the Dutch operator that call-signs not only polite but are also an obligatory protocol when establish a new contact. Also to note our diary that in future we would opt for 5.320 MHz, well below the Dutch allocation.

Arriving on 40m I found a state of turmoil, with both near European and Eastern European signals mixed with much weaker inter-G stations.  I assumed this was as a result of both solar disturbances causing poor propagation on 80m and a tide of weekend operators, thereby forcing everyone on to 7 MHz. Finding a ‘reasonable’ gap on 7.124 MHz, a call brought an almost immediate response from Peter (G3PJB), having accompanied me from 60m, and followed in quick order by Jakey (G3JKY) and Mark (G0GQT).

In these first minutes most stations were fully readable with 46 to 58 reports although affected by a very rapid and shuddering QSB accompanied by splatter from adjacent stations. Not a pleasant or easy copy!

The first signs of imminent deterioration came as Jakey gave us his view of the recent CQWW CW contest. He having managed to work 25 countries had fallen short of his normal score. During the last few syllables of his over Jakey totally disappeared.
I called Mark (G0GQT); I could hardly read his response as every other word drifted in the very deep fades. Things were definitely not going our way. Mark suggested we move to 7.101 MHz where the adjacent QRM was less intrusive. I was reticent to attempt a move so early in the proceedings as other may be looking for us near this frequency.

However, this was to prove futile as I now lost complete contact with Mark. The net was quickly becoming unviable. I called Peter (G3PJB), Jakey (G3JKY) and also Mark again, I could just detect Mark calling Jakey and gaining no response.

When all fails………….CW is the answer! I called all three stations again, this time in A1A mode and sent Christmas greetings and best wishes for the New Year!
Jakey reciprocated on the key (339) and we closed (if not abandoned) the net at 3.15pm.

Interestingly the first time we had to abandon the net in over a decade!

Prior to the net I had received apologies from Lawrie G4FAA and Peter (G3RQZ).

Lawrie, was currently in HB-land only armed with a 2m handy. He sends all Clifton members his seasons greeting and wishes them a HNY.

He would also like to remind us that there is KW aficionado’s weekend on 3rd-4th January. Do have a look for him and fellow KW owners around 7.043 (CW) and 7.177 MHz (AM/SSB).

Lawrie awaits a venue for the Clifton ‘reunion’, he hopes to be possession more news in the New Year.

Peter (G3RQZ) was unavoidably detained, being fed festive and seasonal goodies at the home of a family friend. Good on you Peter, it’s a tough job and someone’s got to do it!
After the net Frank ( G3WMR) e-mailed me say he was sorry to miss the net, as he was looking forward to further contacts on 60m. He stated that he was going join the G3GHN Yahoo Group, and wished all Clifton members a very merry Christmas and HNY.

Ironically, after the chaotic ending of December’s CC Net I re-tuned to 80m, only to find the inter-G propagation in reasonably good order. With a large net on 3.787 MHz in full swing with highly readable signals from most the UK. This very interesting net continued unabated until 17.30pm…………….!!

OK, I chose the wrong band!

In mitigation when I checked the conditions on 80m twenty four hours earlier they were abysmal!  Win some lose some!

For those who are interested, I propose that we have an impromptu net on Christmas Day on 7.125 MHz at 12noon. Last year we had six members appear to pass their greetings ( and avoid the heat in the kitchen).

As the memsahib and I will be unavoidably detained on other matters, Peter (G3RQZ) has volunteered to ‘sit-in the chair’ for the next three Clifton Country Club nets.

The first net of 2016 will be at 3pm on Sunday 17th January (thereby missing the AFS contests) it is likely to be on 3.690 MHz to be confirmed by Peter nearer the date.

Suzanne and I will circulate likely times and frequencies of any future maritime mobile operations during the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.

Catch you on the wireless! (May be on 25th Dec?)

73 es 88s de Tony es Suzanne

Hastings Hospital Radio – A New Look and Live Streaming

What is new at Hastings Hospital Radio?


Antony G4CUS, presenting a show at the Conquest Hospital Radio station.

The clubs very own Antony (G4CUS), has been a long standing member of the Hastings Electronics and Radio Club as well as a presenter for Hastings Hospital Radio. Both he and his lovely wife Linda often appear on the schedule which is listened to and enjoyed throughout the year by the many listeners who tune in.

Antony says, “I had been interested in radio Communications since the age of seven. There was no television in Sarawak in those days and entertainment mainly came from my parent’s radio-gram. I used to listen to the shortwave bands and became interested in Amateur Radio (Ham radio).


Antony’s wife Linda in the radio stations studio getting ready to go on-air.

I obtained my ‘ham’ licence in 1971 and have been broadcasting to the world ever since. Phyllis thought that my interest in radio would be a help to Hospital Radio.

I met my wife to be whilst volunteering as part of the Tuesday Team. We produce a programme each on Tuesday evenings, I broadcast the Tuesday Magazine programme at 7pm while Linda visits the wards collecting music requests for her programme at 8pm. I assist Linda with the technical side of things whilst she is presenting the Request Show. We also broadcast the Sunday Praise show once a month at 7pm.

Hastings Hospital Radio has nearly 40 presenters in total, offering a wide and diverse range of style and taste to suit everyone. The station is also looking for new volunteers to join the presenting team.

Why not take a look at the new Hospital Radio Hastings website, where you can view the listening schedule through the week, submit requests to the DJ’s who are live on-air as well as view the latest news from the station and even see the various presenters and their respective biographies.

Antony is also a very active HF band amateur radio enthusiast, volunteer RAYNET operative and member of BSARS; another local amateur radio club based in Brede, East Sussex. Good luck to Antony at the Conquest Hospital Radio station where he continues to provide entertainment to the many people who tune in and listen.

The Final Clifton Country Club Net of 2015

Final Clifton Country Club Net of 2015

Whatho Cliftonaires,

The final Clifton Country Club Net of 2015 will be this Sunday 13th December at 3pm on or near 7.125 Mhz…………Hopefully conditions will improve for Sunday’s  net as inter G communications on 40m has been fairly uncertain over the past days.

I will also be listening on 5.355 Mhz from 2.30pm for those who would like to have a pre-net sked on 60m.

If you can drag yourself away from decorating the Christmas tree we hope to catch you on the wireless this Sunday!

73 es 88s de Tony es Suzanne.

G3MGQ’s Month on the Air – December 2015

Phil, G3MGQ has sent through his ‘Month on the Air’ for December which contains lots of DX information including the big contests to look out for and those to possibly avoid! Enjoy December’s edition of Month on the Air.

G3MGQ’s Month on the Air

Prepared by the clubs RSGB trainer, G3MGQ, you will find the latest DX contests including the ones to shoot for as well as ones to give a wide berth. Why not download the latest edition of Month on the Air and enjoy your DX just that little bit more.

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