GB3JT – Digital ATV Repeater gets NoV approval

logo_rilgesDave Williams G8PUO has just excitedly mentioned that the NoV for the forthcoming Hastings based digital ATV repeater GB3ET has just had its NoV approved by Ofcom.

GB3ET will bring along with it a great deal of interest from amateurs who will be able to get involved with quite modest hardware including DVB-S receivers which cost as little as £15, or even recycled satellite receivers which can be bought for just a few pounds.

While this interesting and popular repeater project is coming together, you might like to get involved and visit the Eastbourne Electronics and Radio Clubs forum where you will be able to share your thoughts and have a chat with the working party who will be bringing this exciting repeater project together for the local amateur radio communities.

When the repeater goes live, you will be able to find out the status of GB3JT here.

GB3HE 70cm Hastings Repeater – Change of frequency

logo_rilgesPaul, M0LRE has been in touch to let us know that GB3HE, the local 70cm repeater in Hastings which is managed by RILGES, will be changing frequencies soon.

Dave G8PUO informs us that following the recent issue of GB3HE wide spacing NoV, moves the project forwards and is now in the process of  procuring the new parts which include the repeater itself, a power supply, filters, logic, Echolink PC (although this will not be enabled from day one), Preamp and GSM control.

In the very near future, Dave and the RILGES working party will be putting these items into place resulting in what will surely be a superbly featured repeater which as many already know, has become a bit of a favourite amongst local users.

Arguably the most important bit of news it that there will be a frequency change, so don’t forget to jot the details down and get the memory programmed in your handy or base rig ready for the switchover. See you on HE!

GB3HE New Frequencies

Channel RU74 (spacing 7.6 MHz)
Output 430.9250 MHz
Input: 438.5250 MHz
CTCSS 103.5 Hz (same as current)

Check the status and details for GB3HE Hastings 70cm repeater.

GB3EB goes offline due to fire at site

logo_rilgesNews came through via various sources over the last couple of days including a quick report from Paul M6PWD who spoke to Gordon (M3HXY) on GB3HE earlier today.

Sadly, a fire broke out at the St. Lukes Church site where GB3EB is located in Eastbourne and as such the repeater will obviously be offline until repairs and further arrangements are made to re-instate the repeater.

According to Dave G8PUO at RILGES who run the repeater GB3EB will go off-air Saturday 17th January and will also sadly mean that the planned installation of the new D-Star repeater GB7ES will be put on hold until the repair work at the Church has been completed in a few months time.

The repeater hardware itself is quite intact though will of course have to be removed for inspection and testing. Initial time-frames for the building repair works to be completed is expected to be at least three months.

Dave already has discussion underway with regards to the options available for the repeaters and has promised an update as soon as a route forward for them is found.

Best wishes go to Dave and the working party on Saturday who look as though they have quite a tricky job on their hands.

Check the status and details for GB3EB Hastings 70cm repeater.

UK Amateur Radio repeaters list

We have been hard at work creating an up to date list of amateur radio repeaters in the UK and while still in progress, around 390 repeaters are currently listed, many of which have complete detail pages. In the near future the list will expand to provide a useful list of digital voice repeaters on a separate list for easy viewing.

If you should happen to notice any errors or omissions please get in touch with us but please note that the digital voice section will not be underway until the New Year. All ideas and comments are appreciated and if you want to get in touch, please contact the webmaster using the email address at the bottom of the page.

You may like to bookmark and keep an eye on the UK repeaters list, or click on the repeaters news menu item at the top of the page and use the drop down menu to access the repeaters list in the future.

GB3JT – Hastings new digital Amateur Radio Television repeater

logo_rilgesDave (G8PUO) sends more good news our way. GB3JT is the call-sign of the newly proposed digital Amateur Radio Television repeater which is destined to share the same site as GB3HE in the not too distant future.

GB3JT will be a 23cm ATV repeater working full-duplex digital TV with audio and talkback audio with further plans to extend its functionality with both digital and analogue input, and  digital output.  Internet streaming onto the BATC website and linking feed from other ATV repeaters to GB3JT are also to be included.

Implementation of the repeater will start with the build of the ATV repeater in the first instance and then lead on to the receivers and transmitters which will be more than a sufficient excuse for many to further expand their shack with new ATV hardware.

With many local amateurs in and around Hastings not having had the opportunity to sample digital amateur radio television before, they need not miss out any more, as Dave and the team at RILGES (The Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex), are hard at work turning this magnificent project into a reality for everyone to enjoy.

We will be following the progress of  GB3JT closely and with great interest and should mention that Dave (G8PUO) is looking for any assistance from local amateurs that they are capable of mustering. If you can assist in the project, please get in touch with him via the RILGES website and find out how you can help shape the future of amateur radio television in the area.

When the repeater hits the air, you can find out the status of GB3JT here.

Proposals for 70cm digital repeaters put on hold

UK repeaters reports that there is a long list of 70cms requests and are working with Ofcom to ensure that they are dealt with as soon as possible. When making proposals for wide spaced channels amateurs are required to submit a choice of frequencies and because of the large number of outstanding requests have simply run out of choices in many areas. As a consequence until some of these requests are cleared proposals for new 70cms digital repeaters will be put on hold.

Repeater updates

Reported: G1LPS
Repeater 13cm TX power supply repaired. Repeater now full operational

Reported: G0EVW
Currently using Colour Code 1 and Talk Group 1 on both slots. Not Network connected.

Reported: G8PUO
Aerial replaced.

GB3HE – Back online with upgrade

Thanks go to Leon (G1HSM) and Paul Waldock (M0LRE) for bringing this to our attention that GB3HE’s working party has successfully repaired the issues with the repeater, the worst offender being the Jaybeam antenna which had developed a fault.

Improved performance from the repeater is expected now that a 4-stack dipole array has been installed in place of the Jaybeam with local amateurs already jumping on GB3HE to try it out and have a QSO.

While on-site, Paul re-situated the MB7UVS APRS digipeater antenna and reports that it is also expected to perform somewhat better than before. For those who do not know, the digipeater changed call-signs recently from MB7VS to MB7UVS.

Great news for the local community and hats off to RILGES for bringing HE back into operation despite the repairs required at very short notice.

Check the status and details for GB3HE Hastings 70cm repeater.

GB3HE working party ready to go

Dave G8PUO has just sent good news regarding the repair to GB3HE which developed a fault with the original Jaybeam antenna which until recently had been working very well despite being run on low power.

The GB3HE working party is now organised and set to visit the repeaters site in Hastings on Thursday 30th October where the old antenna will be removed and a generously donated 4-stack omnidirectional dipole antenna will be installed complete with phasing harness.

The donation of the antenna was made by Malcolm (G3TCG) of Hastings and the repeaters new ‘ears’ will no doubt be appreciated by the community who use it regularly while giving a very good coverage of surrounding areas.

A further update will be published following the site visit later this week.

Check the status and details for GB3HE Hastings 70cm repeater.

GB3HE Back On Air – Antenna Fault

Dave (G8PUO) has kindly just sent word that GB3HE is back on air in a low power state after testing, here is his update regarding the repair as follows.

“Having checked the repeater in the workshop, based on issues last week, the intermittent fault on the TX antenna connector was resolved and also a tad of EMC copper tape as a gasket on the case base seemed to have resolved the occasional low level audio microphonics.

The repeater was taken back to site today and whilst now all stable, the SWR on the antenna is a concern and the poor signal level confirms a secondary fault. As such we will be looking to purchase a replacement collinear and install this next week during half-term.

For the time being the repeater will be left on – even with the poor coverage its better than nothing, although we need to monitor signal levels. Should they deteriorate further, then I will shut the repeater down until the antenna is replaced. I will though also visit the site over the next week too.”

Check the status and details for GB3HE Hastings 70cm repeater.

GB3HE Temporarily Off Air

Dave Williams (G8PUO) of RILGES and EREC has just announced that the Hastings 70cm repeater is temporarily off air and after a site visit, an issue was found with the repeater.

Dave and his team have removed it for testing off site and has plans for re-instatement next week sometime though this is not set in stone.

With luck we will hear GB3HE back up and running soon, it is certainly being missed already. Thanks go to Dave for doing a great job with the repeater and working to resolve any problems that arise in short order and the club sincerely appreciates RILGES efforts.

For further information please visit the RILGES forum discussion about this issue.

Check the status and details for GB3HE Hastings 70cm repeater.

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