Ramblings from a G4 by Antony Turnbull G4CUS Feb 2009

I hope that you all had a great time during the Christmas and New Year festivities. All that build-up before hand and its all over in a flash, so it seems to me anyway. I also  hope that you managed to escape the dreaded flu / cough bugs that have been flying around. I know that not all of you have!

The bands have been very lively lately and I have been surprised at how busy 20mtrs has been on some days. Looking at my log for the last two days of 2008 I see that the band was dominated by S9+ signals, especially from North America. It was difficult to find any spare space to call CQ on and during QSOs there was plenty of QRM from other stations near the frequency. Not that I am complaining, it’s good have these conditions at this (low) point in the sun-spot cycle.

The Hastings full marathon on Sunday 14th December went very well and the runners appear to have enjoyed the experience. The weather was dry but very cold or so it seemed to Linda and I stationed on Bexhill sea-front. Luckily we were able to spend most of the time in the car with hot water bottle and blankets to keep us from freezing! I did have to get out and check the runners every so often and the timing clock that we were put in charge of. It was a relief when the stand-down came.

I hope that we will be seeing many of you at the HERC annual lunch being held at the High Beach on Sunday 25th January.

DX countries worked during December include:-
Algeria, Guadeloupe, Iran, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Cayman islands, Grenada, Suriname, Mauritius, USA, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Canada, St.Kitts & Nevis, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Asiatic Russia, Madagascar, Thailand, Oman, Morocco, Cuba,  Costa Rica, Nigeria, Mexico, and Lebanon.

DX to look out for at the end of January and during February include:-
01.01.2009  26.01.2009    TR8CR       Gabon. Roland, F8EN. QSL via F6AJA.
22.02.2009  06.03.2009    S79JF         Praslin Island (AF-024) by Jan, DL7JAN.
28.01.2009  28.02.2009    FW5RE      Eli, HA9RE, and a team of operators will be active from Wallis Island.
26.02.2009  05.03.2009FH/G3SWH  Mayotte. Phil/G3SWH and Richard/ G3RWL    Links:  http://www.g3swh.org.uk/mayotte.html
22.01.2009  26.01.2009    CV5A        Flores Island (SA-030, ARLHS URU-001, TWLHD WLH CX-001, WLOTA LH-0528) QSL via CX2ABC.

Links:        http://www.radiogruposur.com

21.12.2008  31.01.2009    CN89NY     Special ‘happy new year’  CN89NY will be aired from Morocco. Operators will be CN2DX (HB9HLM), CN2CV (HB9CVC), CN8PA and others. QSL via EA7FTR.

28.01.2009  04.02.2009    XR5L    Santa Maria Island’s (SA-070, DICE
ICE-502) lighthouse (ARLHS CHI-027, TWLHD WLH CE-038, WLOTA
LH-0543, Admiralty G1764) by members of the “3 Stars DX Group”.
The operators mentioned are: Didier/F6DXE, Christophe/F0ELI, Andre/
F0ELK, Elsa/LU1EJ, Esteban/XQ7UP, Ricardo/CE3HDI, Carlos/
CE6AMN, Carlos/CE6UFF and Irma/CA6UTF. QSL via CE6AMN.
11.01.2009  27.01.2009    8Q7AK        Kaafu Atoll (AS-013) by Andy, G7COD.
16.01.2009  29.01.2009    6W/DL2RMC    Senegal. Tom, DL2RMC.
03.02.2009  13.02.2009    5HIDF                  Zanzibar (AF-032) by SigiDL7DF.
Links:    http://www.dl7df.com/5h/index.html

Contests taking place during February include:-

5    Thu 1800 – 2200    10 meter NAC – CW/SSB/FM/DIGI
7- 8      Sat 0001 – Sun 2359      10-10 Internat. Winter QSO Party – Phone
7- 8      Sat 1200 – Sun 1200      WW PMC Contest – CW/SSB
7         Sat 1400 – 2400          Minnesota QSO Party – CW/SSB/RTTY
7- 9      Sat 1400 – Mon 0200      YLRL YL-OM Contest – SSB
7- 9      Sat 1400 – Mon 0200      YLRL YL-OM Contest – SSB
7         Sat 1600 – 1900          AGCW Straight Key Party – CW
7- 8    Sat 1800 – Sun 1759      Mexico International RTTY Contest – RTTY
Sun 0000 – 0400          North American Sprint Contest – CW
8    Sun 0000 – 2359          SKCC Weekend Sprintathon – CW
10-14    Sat 1100 – 1300          Asia-Pacific Sprint -CW
14-15     Sat 1200 – Sun 1200      Dutch PACC Contest – CW/SSB
Sat 1700 – 2100          FISTS Winter Sprint – CW
14-15    Sat 2100 – Sun 0100      RSGB 1.8Mhz Contest.1810-1870Khz
Sun 0000 – 0400          North American Sprint Contest – SSB
Wed 1900 – 2030          AGCW Semi-Automatic Key Evening – CW
Wed 1900 – 2100          MOON Contest – CW/Digi/SSB
20-21    Fri 2100 – Sat 2100      Russian PSK WW Contest – PSK31
21-22    Sat 0000 – Sun 2400      ARRL International DXContest – CW
21-22    Sat 0000 – Sun 2359      CQ WW 160-Meter Contest – SSB
21-22    Sat 0600 – Sun 1800      REF Contest – SSB
21-22    Sat 1300 – Sun 1300      UBA DX Contest – CW
Sat 1500 – 1700          Feld-Hell Club Sprint – Feld-Hell
21-22    Sat 1800 – Sun 0600      North American QSO Party -RTTY
Sun 0900 – 1100          High Speed Club CW Contest (1) – CW
Sun 1500 – 1700          High Speed Club CW Contest (2) – CW
25         Wed 0100 – 0300          SKCC Sprint – CW

Good Hunting and plenty of DX.

Antony Turnbull –  G4CUS. From the Vital Spark, February 2009.

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