Ramblings from a G4 by Antony Turnbull G4CUS September 2009

Activity from this station over the past month has been mainly during weekend contests due to necessary work in the garden. Despite the promise of a “Barbecue summer” the weather has been rather wet and windy at times apart from a few days where the temperature reached 31 Centigrade on the garden thermometer. Gardening in these conditions can be rather frustrating as I am sure you know! There have been contests every weekend which I know causes some controversy among those who just want a chat. I still don’t know why they can’t keep a portion of each band free for people who are not interested in contests. Only a very few contests do this.

The HQ IARU Championship contest was one of the big ones, with the RSGB fielding a number of stations throughout the UK using the call GB7HQ. I managed to work them on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10mtrs both on SSB and CW to add to their score. Hopefully they will do even better than last year.

The other big one was the RSGB IOTA contest during the last weekend of July which always produces callsigns from the rarer islands. This year was no exception, as the list of countries worked shows.

I have mentioned previously that the (free) logging software I now use is called Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD). The HRD software team is in the process of updating the logging and data mode programmes and have just released version 5 beta for everyone to test. It was with much trepidation that I over-wrote my current software (v4) with the new version, having of course backed-up all the data. There have been a lot of improvements and a completely new structure to the main elements and the way they link up with each other. The DX cluster information is now connected to the logbook data and so when a ‘spot’ is reported HRD tells you immediately whether you have worked the station / country and if it was on the current band. A great tool! There is also a ‘grey line’ world map and many other goodies.

The first thing I noticed was that HRD uses a lot more ram and my 1gb was not enough for the programmes to run smoothly. I increased the ram to 2.5gbs and this did the trick. I have to say that my pc is running Vista Home Premium. I have a feeling that 1gb would be ok under XP.

DX countries worked during July include:-

Japan, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Hong Kong, Panama, Aruba, El Salvador, Mali, Guatemala, Zambia, Qatar, Madagascar, Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Guadeloupe, Colombia, Oman, China, Philippines, Chile, Curacao, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, W.Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Algeria, Brazil and Jordan.
These came from 522 qsos in 88 countries.

DX to look out for in September include:-

Sep 4-14, 2009    DXCC: Austral Is    Callsign: FO    Info: By G3BJ G4JKS as FO/G3BJ fm Rurutu I (OC-050) and Tubuai I (OC-152); 80-10m (no 17 or 12m); CW; K3 w/ HF6

Sep 6-7, 2009    DXCC: Fiji    Callsign: 3D2G    QSL: PG5M    Info: By PG5M fm OC-016; CW only; ultralight DXpedition;    QSL via PA Buro or direct.

Sep 6-13, 2009    DXCC: Svalbard   Callsign: JW1SYL

Sep 8-14, 2009    DXCC: Tuvalu    Callsign: T2G    QSL: PG5M    Tarawa I (OC-015); CW only; ultralight DXpedition;     QSL via PA Buro or direct.

Sep 8-17, 2009    DXCC: Aruba   Callsign: P41USA   QSL: W3TEF   Info: By W3BTX W3TEF; QRV for VHF Contest

Sep 8-22, 2009    DXCC: Cyprus   Callsign: 5B   QSL: G3RWF   Info: By G3RWF as 5B/G3RWF;    QSL via RSGB Buro or direct.

Sep 15-16, 2009   DXCC: Fiji   Callsign: 3D2G   QSL: PG5M   Info: By PG5M fm OC-016; CW only; ultralight DXpedition;    QSL via PA Buro or direct.

Sep 17-23, 2009    DXCC: Western Kiribati    Callsign: T30G    QSL: PG5M
Info: By PG5M fm OC-017; CW only; ultralight DXpedition;
QSL via PA Buro or direct.

Sep 18-25, 2009    DXCC: Niue    Callsign: ZK2BJ    Info: By G3BJ G4JKS fm OC-040; 80-10m (no 17 or 12m);    CW; K3 w/ HF6

Sep 18-30, 2009    DXCC: Chatham I    Callsign: ZL7    QSL: N7OU   Info: By N7OU as ZL7/N7OU; 80-10m;     CW; 100w; vertical.

Sep 22-Oct 21, 2009    DXCC: Mayotte    Callsign: TO7RJ    QSL: DJ7RJ
Direct    Info: By DJ7RJ; 160-10m, perhaps 6m; CW SSB.

Sep 23-30, 2009    DXCC: Monaco    Callsign: 3A    QSL: HA3JB    Info: By HA3JB as 3A/HG3IPA; QRV for CQ WW DX RTTY;     QSL: Gabor Kutasi, H-8601 Siofok, P.O.Box 243, Hungary.

Sep 24-27, 2009   DXCC: Fiji   Callsign: 3D2G   QSL: PG5M   Info: By PG5M fm OC-016; CW only; ultralight DXpedition;   QSL via PA Buro or direct.

Sep 24-27, 2009    DXCC: St Pierre & Miquelon    Callsign: FP    QSL: Home Call    Info: By G3ZAY as FP/G3ZAY, likewise M0TDG fm    Miquelon I (NA-032); CW SSB.

Sep 24-Oct 7, 2009    DXCC: Netherlands Antilles    Callsign: PJ2    QSL: PA1FJ    Info: By PA1FJ as PJ2/PA1FJ fm Curacao     (SA-006, LH-0942); QSL via Buro, direct, eQSL

Sep 27-Oct 15, 2009    DXCC: Dominica    Callsign: J79ZG    QSL: DL7AFS
Info: By DL7AFS DJ7ZG; 80-6m; CW SSB RTTY PSK.

Sep 28-Oct 12, 2009    DXCC: Austral Is    Callsign: TX5SPA    QSL: SP9PT
Info: By FO5QB SP9PT SP3DOI SP3CYY fm    Tubuai I (OC-152); focus on low bands for EU;     CW SSB RTTY, perhaps PSK31

Contests taking place during September include:-

5- 6     Sat 0000 – Sun 2400      All Asian DX Contest – SSB
5          Sat 0000 – 2400          Russian “Radio” RTTY WW Contest – RTTY
5         Sat 1300 – 1600          AGCW Straight Key Party – CW
5- 6     Sat 1300 – Sun 1259      IARU Region 1 Field day – SSB
5- 6      Sat 1300 – Sun 1300      RSGB SSB Field Day – SSB
6-12      Sun 0001 – Sat 2359      FISTS Straight Key Week – CW
6           Sun 1100 – 1700          DARC 10 m Digital “Corona” – Digital
8           Tue 0100 – 0300          ARS Spartan Sprint – CW
10          Thu 1900 – 2030          RSGB 80 m Club Sprint – SSB
12-13     Sat 0000 – Sun 2359      Worked All Europe DX-Contest – SSB
12         Sat 1300 – 1859          Swiss HTC QRP Sprint – CW
17         Thu 0030 – 0230          NAQCC Straight Key/Bug Sprint – CW
19-20     Sat 1200 – Sun 1200      CIS DX RTTY Contest – RTTY
19-20     Sat 1200 – Sun 1200      The 51st Scandinavian Activity Contest – CW
19         Sat 1700 – 2000          Feld-Hell Club Sprint – Feld-Hell
23         Wed 0000 – 0200          SKCC Straight Key Sprint – CW
23         Wed 1900 – 2030          RSGB 80 m Club Sprint – CW
26-27     Sat 0000 – Sun 2400      CQ WW RTTY DX Contest – RTTY
26-27     Sat 0300 – Sun 0300      JLRS Party Contest – Phone
26-27     Sat 1200 – Sun 1200      The 51st Scandinavian Activity Contest – SSB

Good hunting and plenty of DX.

Antony Turnbull –  G4CUS. From the Vital Spark, September 2009.

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