Echolink is of course only available to Radio Amateurs, who can send a JPG copy of a valid licence. It allows you to contact other HAMS using Repeaters anywhere in the world using the Internet. It can be done with a VHF Transmitter by accessing a local Repeater that has Echolink installed. Otherwise you can just use a PC, as below that shows hundreds of repeaters in green and all the HAMS registered to use Echolink in black. I can hear some nattering without having to Transmit, but they can see say some guy from Hastings with the callsign M3YXH is listening. Note you are advised to run a recorded test transmission first using Station / Connect to Test Server. You use the Spacebar to transmit on / off.  Visit for the free software. In spite of the need to produce a copy of a licence, some HAMS claim this is ' not really Amateur Radio ' . This is probably because unlike having to overcome the massive interference with HF (Short waves), there is not great challenge in contacting others with Echolink, especially if using a PC. But  unlike most of HF you can have long clear contacts. So perhaps the truth is really some HAMs are reluctant to talk to a complete stranger from miles away, and prefer the few second contacts of just exchanging reception reports and QSL postcards.            Gordon