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Live amateur radio evening and chat at the Taplin Centre

Live amateur radio evening and chat at the Taplin Centre

On 27th January at 7.30pm, the club will hold the first of two annual Live Amateur Radio evenings at the Taplin Centre club room in St. Leonards. The general public is welcome to visit and explore the world of amateur radio, with members offering a wealth of radio and electronics experience on the night. Live operating will be conducted on HF transceivers as well as UHF handheld radios connecting through nearby repeaters which enable contact with other amateur radio operators further afield.


Phil G3MGQ the clubs RSGB approved licence trainer shown centre, adjuticating the Construction Evening event at the Taplin Centre in 2015.


Leon G1HSM setting up his Yaesu FT-817 and handhelf dual bander for operation from the Taplin Centre in 2015. Leon had a good evening and made several contacts using an end-fed wire run into the garden area.

The public is welcome to ask any questions they may have to the club members on the night, and make enquiries about taking their amateur radio licence through the clubs RSGB approved trainer, Phil G3MGQ. If you haven’t visited the Taplin  Centre before, directions can be found here. All will be made most welcome.

HERC supports 10th Essex Living History Group

On 1-2 August at Batemans, Kipling’s home, the 10th Essex Living History Group are commemorating the death of Rudyard Kipling’s only son John 100 years ago at the Loos-en-Gohelle during the Battle of Arras with a re-enactment of the conditions at the Front. They have invited the Hastings Electronics and Radio Club to support them with a demonstration of radio communication, for which Phil G3MGQ has obtained the special event call-sign GB2WWI (Whiskey, Whiskey, India).

They will be using mainly CW on 40m with some SSB, and FM on 2m for local contacts. Ron and Terry are going to exhibit some radio equipment from that era but the demonstration station will be a modern transceiver, Phil’s IC706 Mk2g, – the spark transmitters which would have been used then would not be legal now. However Mike G0JHK, John G3SGR and Tony G4KLF will be using CW, as voice radio communication was non-existent then. Robert, F5RHD, who by chance lives next to the Cemetery over there, specialises in portable operation from historic military sites and is going to set up a station there to contact them.

Please give your support by visiting, or listening out and working them.

73 de Rob M0LYD

HAMQTH Celebrates 4th Anniversary

hamqth533Sent through by HAMQTH’s owner/founder.

Today HamQTH celebrates its 4 year anniversary. Many things have happened during the last year. Maybe the most visible one was new website design, that also works on mobile phones and tablets.


HamQTH celebrates 4 years anniversary.
you can send spot to DX clusters network directly from web interface.
DX cluster filter improved.
Clear header button added to profile picture editing.
Language autodetect improved.

Recent activity now shows last 200 RBN and DX cluster spots.
If you are logged in and looking at your profile, lookup counter is not incremented page .with DX cluster spots is now loaded every 10 seconds (was 20).
log upload page listed only the first one of recent uploaded logs – fixed.
XML lookup didn’t increase the lookup counter of your profile – fixed
In next few weeks website will be moved to https, only API for application developers will be both on http and https to keep backward compatibility.

Unfortunately not everything was great, especially this month, when two disks died on the HamQTH server. One died on Jun 3 and was replaced, the second disk died last Friday and will be replaced very soon.

HamQTH statistics

1,481,428 callsigns in database
30,032 registered users
28,934,561 queries to the XML search
23,521,187 QSO in the log from 4,108 different callsigns

73 Petr, OK2CQR – HamQTH owner


The statistics speak for themselves and the new features that have been implemented over the last couple of years have really moved the site forward, especially the latest website developments which have been a quantum leap forward for HAMQTH. Well worth registering your call on, Petr has done a fantastic job and I think all the new improvements will see HAMQTH rise above other similar sites and go the distance. Good luck Petr!

New RSGB book by G0KYA – Getting started in Amateur Radio

g0kya-getting-started-in-amateur-radio-bookIf you want to know something about the hobby or are newly licensed, or are even just looking for something different, “Getting Started in Amateur Radio” helps provide the answers.

Steve Nichols, G0KYA, has recently published a book through the RSGB, adding another string on the bow of the RSGB’s arsenal of useful resources for amateurs.

The book is entitled “Getting Started in Amateur Radio”, and is aimed at those who want to learn more about the hobby of amateur radio, or are perhaps looking to find out new things to do within it.

The book covers many subjects including receiving digital images from the International Space Station,  communicating with other operators around the world via satellite, helping to assist during public disasters and many more. The book goes into some details about these and many other areas of interest that are bound to appeal to a wide audience for both unlicenced and licenced amateurs alike.

This comprehensive introductory book also covers practical antennas as well as detailing operation of the different amateur radio modes including CW (Morse code), FM, SSB, Digital and more. In addition to this there are sections on long distance DX operation, contesting, and amateur radio awards for the chasers out there. Microwave and LF bands are also covered in the book, along with Moonbound (EME), and a practical guide for obtaining an amateur radio licence if you do not have one already.

While “Getting Started in Amateur Radio” is aimed at prospective UK licensees, there is something for everyone and the price of this book has been kept as low as possible to encourage new amateurs into the hobby.

The book is available via many online sources, including the RSGB resources for beginners area.

Proposals for 70cm digital repeaters put on hold

UK repeaters reports that there is a long list of 70cms requests and are working with Ofcom to ensure that they are dealt with as soon as possible. When making proposals for wide spaced channels amateurs are required to submit a choice of frequencies and because of the large number of outstanding requests have simply run out of choices in many areas. As a consequence until some of these requests are cleared proposals for new 70cms digital repeaters will be put on hold.

Repeater updates

Reported: G1LPS
Repeater 13cm TX power supply repaired. Repeater now full operational

Reported: G0EVW
Currently using Colour Code 1 and Talk Group 1 on both slots. Not Network connected.

Reported: G8PUO
Aerial replaced.

ARRL website down for maintenance 7th November

ARRL-logoThe ARRL website is scheduled to be offline on Friday, November 7, starting at 2100 UTC. The length of the outage may last several hours and potentially extend into, November 8th. There is nothing to be concerned about as the techs at the ARRL’s IT department are simply carrying out scheduled maintenance and carrying out a series of tests to ensure a smooth transition of the ARRL’s website to a new server.

A “Down for Maintenance” message will appear for the duration of the outage whenever someone attempts to access It should be noted that during the downtime, ARRL email accounts will still function normally.

ARRL launches Kindle format Ham Radio License Manual

ARRL-logoSome interesting news from the ARRL. This month they have released a Kindle-friendly digital edition of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, which provides readers with its highly popular introduction to Amateur Radio.

Clearly leading the way in this area by providing potential licencees and anyone with a remote interest in Amateur Radio, the ARRL has clearly made a very positive step in the right direction by providing a real alternative to paperback books for those who do not, or infrequently read paper books.

It is interesting to know that the number of people in the US who actively use a Kindle fire exceeded 17 million earlier this year, compared to 30.5 million active users for the iPad, with 6.5 million using both devices. In total there are 59 million active tablet users in the US alone.

ARRL Marketing Manager Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R, said. “Finding the next generation of radio amateurs requires meeting prospective hams where they are reading and consuming content.”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the RSGB will follow suit and begin to offer key learning resources in Kindle format, especially the training materials at some point in the near future. This quantum leap into the digital publishing arena would bridge the gap between the paper and web-based world and vastly enhance the availability of amateur radio to what will be a much larger audience than is currently possible.

Released in the Kindle e-Store on the 27th October, the ARRL’s Ham Radio License Manual joins around just 100-200 other Kindle format books for Amateurs and those interested in the subject. There are many electronics and communications books available in Kindle format, though Kindle at this time still only offers a fairly limited selection of reading materials which are AR focussed. Perhaps this move by the ARRL will inspire and encourage other amateurs to release their own publications to draw attention to the hobby.

G3MGQ’s Month on the Air

Prepared by the clubs RSGB trainer, G3MGQ, you will find the latest DX contests including the ones to shoot for as well as ones to give a wide berth. Why not download the latest edition of Month on the Air and enjoy your DX just that little bit more.

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UK Amateur Radio Repeaters

UK repeaters

Click button above for full list, or a local repeater callsign below for info.

GB3EB 2m in Uckfield- Active
MB6EB 2m DStar Node in Eastbourne - Active
MB6RY Wires-X DigiGate in Broad Oak - Active
GB3HE 70cm in Hastings - Active
GB7HE 70cm DStar in Hastings - Coming soon
GB3ZX 70cm in Eastbourne - Low Power
GB3JT 23cm ATV in Hastings - NoV cleared
GB7RY 70cm X-Wires Repeater Rye - Active
GB7ES Eastbourne - DSTAR Rpt. - Active
GB3ES 2m in Hastings - Active

For a complete list of repeaters, head over to
the UK Amateur Radio repeaters list.

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