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Construction Evening and WGMC – August 23rd 2017

It was nice to have such a solid turnout of members at the Taplin Centre for the Construction Evening this year, with the evening starting as usual at 7.30pm in the club room.

Entries made in the competion were as follows.  Alan, with his transducer based light detector – item A. Steve G4FYF with 3 entries a digital frequency counter (item B) and a signal generator (item C) and an attenuator (item D). Steve also kindly brought along an item of interest, a QRP rig based on a BitX board. There was an entry from DK1HE, a QRP power amplifier – item E. Richard G0ILN brought along a homebrew 1:1 Balun, item F, and finally Graham G6MAR presented his portable APRS unit, item G.

Images of the entrants items are listed below.

Alans transducer based light detector.

Alans transducer based light detector.

Steve (G4FYF) - A digital frequency counter.

Steve (G4FYF) – Digital frequency counter.

Steve (G4FYF) – Signal generator.

Steve (G4FYF) - Attenuator.

Steve (G4FYF) – Attenuator.


Entry from DK1HE, a QRP power amplifier.

Richard G0ILN - Balun 1:1.

Richard G0ILN – Balun 1:1.


Graham G6MAR, portable APRS unit.

Members getting ready to cast their votes on the construction entries.

Members getting ready to cast their votes on the construction entries.

After the votes were cast, Peter G0FUU announced the scores and the winner as follows.

1st place – Graham G6MAR with his excellent portable APRS unit.
Joint 2nd/3rd – Alan with his transducer based light detector and Richard G0ILN with his 1:1 Balun. Congratulations to Graham for winning this years HERC Constructors Cup, and well done to all those who entered. The scoring was very close indeed with just two points seperating joint 2nd and 3rd from 4th and 5th place.

Graham G6MAR receiving the Constructors Cup from Wilf's widow Margaret.

Graham G6MAR receiving the Constructors Cup from Wilf’s widow Margaret.

Winner of the 2017 Wilf Gaye Memorial Cup

Richard G0ILN receiving the 2017 Wilf Gaye Memorial Cup from Margaret, the late chairman's widow.

Richard G0ILN receiving the 2017 Wilf Gaye Memorial Cup from Margaret, the late chairman’s widow.

Thanks to all members who took part in the construction evening, they were all cracking entries and no doubt next years event will be just as much fun!

Construction Evening – Taplin Centre May 28th 2014

With a good turnout from the club members, Phil G3MGQ got the ball rolling at 7.30pm for what turned out to be an enjoyable evening at the Taplin Centre.

Mike Wade (M0EDU) brought along a MKARS80 kit, not as an entry to the competition but showing a QRP kit that he just received which, complete with case & all parts, would be a suitable radio project for the Intermediate Licence exam or a 80m transceiver for portable operation.

Next up, Gordon (M3YXH) introduced a home brew Morse key & practice oscillator made by John Heys, G3BDQ , that John has donated to the Club to encourage new licensees to get going on CW. Gordon also showed his home brew audio pre-amplifier, neatly fitted into the traditional small sweet tin.

A professional-looking transceiver kit was presented next by Rob (M0LYD), and was completed to a high standard. The kit in question was an ILER-40 for 40m for which Rob detailed the specs and construction, noting that the transceiver  including modifying the PA heatsink to fit the case which was not supplied with the kit.  Amongst other things mentioned was that the rig can be used with a Direct Digital Syntheser, which can be bought as an optional extra. is also capable of acting as a useful signal generator and had low power consumption.

Jakey (G3JKY) followed Rob with what he referred to as a nostalgic radio accessory which he used while in Beckenham, London many years ago. The home brew AMU was finished to a good standard and has certainly stood the test of time judging by its condition. The rear of the 19 inch rack-mounted panel sported large ceramic coil inductors and a “Mickey Match” for matching to the antenna. The “Mickey Match” comprised a thin wire threaded inside the braid of a coaxial cable to form  a directional coupler which was switched to monitoring the forward & reverse power. This AMU had been used to end-feed a W8JK antenna, using a pair of 66ft lines driven out of phase & spaced to lower the radiation pattern, which he had used on 20, 15 & 10 meters, and which he used as an inverted L with an additional loading coil for 40, 80 & Top Band.

Following on from Jakey was Richard’s (G0ILN) pair of home brew Morse keys, ingeniously built entirely from scrap, one straight key and a very interesting tiny iambic paddle constructed on an inverted mains plug as a base. The mains plug iambic key had been neatly fitted with two cut-down nail files, which came with plastic ends making excellent paddles. His second exhibit was a small 700Hz speaker resonator for his CW operations. Using his FT-817, he demonstrated both his keys using the speaker resonator which, tuned to his preferred CW tone, doubles the audio volume by in-phase resonance. Small and perfectly formed and no doubt an asset to Richards shack.

The final entry at the construction evening was presented by Rodney who gave a brief talk about a circuit board designed and constructed by himself enabling diagnostic monitoring of communications on an IEEE488 data bus used for controlling test equipment from early desktop computers. This enabled up to 16 instruments to be monitored, showing whether faults originated in the instrument or its data source.

At the end Phil handed out paper for the members to vote on for the “top 3” entrants shortly after which the following scores were announced.

In joint third place were Jakey (G3JKY) with his home brew AMU and Richard (G1ILN) for his speaker resonator.

Second place, with 21 points, went to Richard for his two Morse keys.

Finally in a well deserved first place with 25 points was Vice Chairman Rob (M0LYD) with his excellent ILER-40 transceiver, winning the Hastings Electronics and Radio Clubs’ construction award against some fairly stiff competition from other club members.

Rob also brought the evening to a close by thanking everyone for taking part and wishing them a safe drive home. Thanks also go to Peter Firmlin (G0FUU) the clubs catering manager who as always does a grand job of running the kitchen and supplying the refreshments.

Here are a selection of pictures below of the evening..


Although not enterered into the competition, Mike M0EDU presented his new 40m TX kit. Looking good!


Gordon M3YXH gave a brief talk on a practice Morse code oscillator, Morse key and mic preamp which had been kindly donated to HERC by John Elgar Whinney to assist new trainees into the world of Morse.


Jakey’s homebrew AMU designed and built by himself many years ago and used with a 66ft W8JK parallel line wire antenna.


Ron xx the clubs treasurer and Mike Wade M0EDU having a good look at the construction entries.


Rob M0LYD gave a fine talk about his recently constructed ILER-40 kit which he is very pleased with and clearly constructed to a very high standard.


Richard G1ILN begins his talk about his construction entries.


Pictured above are Richard’s (G1ILN) FT817 with his two homebrew Morse keys, one of which to the lower right was built from a mains plug, and just above it the cylindrical 700hz speaker-resonator designed to provide amply loud audio while out in the field on CW operations.


Phil G3MGQ starting to tally up the scores at the end of the evening before announcing the top 3 runners in the construction event.


philspic-mic-preamp-G3BDQ philspic-john-heys-G2BDQ-morse-equipment philspic-g3jky-amu philspic-rodney-bus-analyser philspic-rob-m0lyd-iler40-transceiver philspic-richard-g1iln-speaker-resonator philspic-richard-g1iln-morsekeys philspic-mike-wade-m0edu-tx-kit

































































































































































Credit: Rob M0LYD and Phil G3MGQ for the photographs.

Construction Evening Report

The meeting held on the 22nd May was a Construction Contest and  produced some interesting projects by members. Rodney demonstrated a Power Delay Line Stabilised Oscillator using earlier TTL Logic ICs. Leon showed a modern 32 bit RISC microprocessor now selling at only around £1. Gordon showed a simple dual bridge for determining the values of Resistors and Capacitors, while Wilf showed both a Z Match for Antenna matching, along with a Noise Bridge for testing Antennas. Arthur showed a CTCSS kit under construction now needed to access most UK Amateur Radio Repeaters. He explained how he overcome the need to change frequencies for different repeaters. The competition was won by Wilf with his Aerial Tuning Unit.

The next event will be on Saturday 29 June a Field Day using Amateur Radio Transmitting equipment and BBQ. It is to  be held from 9am to 9pm at Hastings Country Park, Fairlight.

The club also has aerials installed by kind permission of the Directors of the Taplin Centre where most meetings are held. Visitors are always very welcome. The Club also runs comprehensive courses of training to qualify for all three levels of the Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence.

Pictured below are the various entries from those who entered the Construction Evening.


Gordon Sweets capacitance and resistance bridge.


Wilf’s ATU.


Jakey’s CTCSS kit.


Leon Heller’s Cortex 32-bit PIC.


Rodney King’s power delay line oscillator.


Wilf’s Z-Match.







































For more details contact Gordon at gordonsweet2000 @

Gordon Sweet (M3YXH) Club Secretary.

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